Youth Center

The plot

The project started in 2018, when, thanks to the Hungarian Government, we bought the plot for our campsite. We searched for long to find the perfect site that would best suit our needs and finally we found it in an outstandingly beautiful area, in the valley of Selters. The plot is right next to the guesthouse of the Saint Gellert Foundation. The future campsite can be reached by turning off the 13A national road (connecting Miercurea Ciuc and Odorheiu-Secuiesc) right before reaching Vlăhița, and continuing for roughly 3 ½  kilometres on the 102 communal road through Selters valley.



The House

It would be an immense benefit for our ministry if in the future we were able to organize our events in our own building, at a place designed by our needs. We paid close attention to our present and future events and, while also considering feasability, we listed the features of "the perfect building". After a long process of contemplation we came up with the following expectations to precede the planning process:

  • a two-story building
  • on the ground floor: a chapel and a multifunctional hall (to accomodate at least 100 people)
  • on the first floor: rooms wtih 4-6 beds (to accomodate at least 50 people altogether)

Bogos Ernő, the architect entrusted by us to design the house made an excellent job fulfilling our expectations. The result is a building that fits into the landscape with its style and use of materials, but also remaining modern at the same time.


Visual designs:



  2018: buying the plot

  2019: clarifying our expectations, entrusting an architect, sketch plans

  first half of 2020: preparing architectural designs and technical documentation, start of licensing process

    second half of 2020: acquiring licenses, concluding a contract with the constructor, start of construction

I have a roof tile in Selters!

In order to make this dream come true, we need Your support. In order for the donation to have a tangible form, we decided to start selling "roof tile tickets" worth 10 RON. We are sure that small donations can make big things happen! That's why we invite you, dear young man/woman, to support the construction by purchasing a symbolical roof tile. We promise to have your name written on the tile, so in the end you will really have your own roof tile in Selters! If you decide to take part in the building expenses of the FIF Youth Center by purchasing a roof tile ticket, you can do so in the following ways:


1) Personally, in our office in Csíkszereda, on weekdays between 8 am. and 4 pm.



2) Online, by bank account. (Choose the roof tile ticket option.)

I want to be part of it!

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