CSIT - Csíksomlyó Youth Assembly

Our biggest event, held usually in the middle of August, near the Csíksomlyó Church and Monastery. It's the opportunity for hundreds of catholic 14 to 30-year-olds to meet each other in the presence of God and at the feet of the Virgin Mary. This five-day-long camp-like event is filled with different courses, presentations, conversations, eucharistic adoration, sports events, workshops, concerts and many other programs awaiting the participants.


A four-day-long intensive self-discovery training, for people over 20. The Viewpoint - Christian Summer University is the place where you can still ask questions as a young adult, where you're free to think about and debate on topics or taboos that concern your age group. Participants can get to know themselves better and experience their faith and their relationships from a new perspective, as adults.


This musical event takes place during the Easter period, and allows music groups of our diocese to meet every year. Here partcipants have the chance to form new friendships, learn from each other and experience the joy of celebrating and doing musical service together. The three days of Resurrexit include religious activities, different games and rehearsals. The final moment of the event is a holy mass, where the music groups worship together proclaiming the good news of God: Christ is risen!

Whole Heart

Communities that gather in the name of Christ are undeniable treasures. We know and understand that faith practiced in a community has the power to support and sustain people, therefore the youth communities of our diocese are truly important to us. Our youth group leaders' course, entitled " Whole Heart", aims to train young people to become competent and qualified leaders of these communities. During the seven weekends of the training the participants are taken care of by exemplary professionals in order to grow deeper in their faith and develop skills in different areas, for example biblical knowledge, leadership or self knowledge.

Whole Heart Forte

This training is targeted at leaders or future leaders of music groups in our diocese, with the purpose of preparing these groups to provide quality music in our churches, music that is worthy of God. The course is entitled "Whole Heart Forte" and focuses on developing the participants' four main skills: music, liturgy, leadership and self-knowledge. During the six weekends of our training, not only do participants gain knowledge and create new friendships, but they also have the chance to renew their faith.

Whole Heart Clerical

Our experience in the field of youth work ought to be shared with priests and seminarians. This is why we created this four-day long training, where we put emphasis on developing leadership skills and ability to work in a team. The partcipants - priests and seminarians - can connect with youth during the program. In addition, our goal with this event is to work on youth pastoral care in our diocese alongside members of the clergy.

Be the fire in my heart!

The Lord works in the hearts of the young of Transylvania - this is what we experience during all of our events. The fire ignited in the hearts of our volunteers and participants should not be left to go out. This is why we gather month after month in several cities and pray alongside local youth to kneel in front of the Blessed Sacrament and pray for the youth and clergy of Transylvania. At the same time we call on Jesus, the King of Glory, to march into all cities and have His place in our hearts.

Private Events

Commitment days

The organizers of our events are usually entrusted with their service at the beginning of each year. So we gather in February in orther to meet the people we'll work with and go through expectations and each task. This short two-day program is a great opportunity for us to get to know each other and pray for blessings on our work and commitment.

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FIF Contemplation Retreat

This retreat is for our volunteers and the participants of our courses. Our purpose is to offer a spiritual recharge to the people close to our organization.

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CSIT - Volunteers' Days

The Csíksomlyó Youth Assembly, or CSIT, would not be the same without the 150 young volunteers who are the real "operators" of the camp. We organize this four-day-long event for them, knowing that, besides the campsite, it is equally important to have the volunteers physically, as well as spiritually prepared for the big event.

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Thanksgiving Evening

As the beginning of a new liturgical year approaches, we celebrate as well: looking back on the year, we give thanks for all the grace we experienced. For some of us the service that began with the Commitment Days at the beginning of the year will end here, on this event. This is a short but meaningful moment for us, culminating in a thanksgiving mass, naturally.

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FIF Council

Members of the FIF Council gather twice a year to discuss the operation of the ministry and its strengths and weaknesses. The council's purpose is to help maintain the right direction in our work, aiding the FIF Presidency in its decision-making process.

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FIF Chill

Once a year, we invite the committed colleagues of FIF to focus on relaxing and fun, instead of planning and constantly working on something. No meetings, program, evaluations, just chill. We know we all need that too!

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